Range Line Preschool and Child Care

Tuition 2019-20

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Days Reserved

per week

Baby & Toddler Red & Orange Rooms

2 year old rm

Yellow room

3K or 4K


“wrap around”

School Age



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2 Full Day






3 Full Day






4 Full Day






5 Full Day






Half day children must be picked up by 12:30 OR dropped off after 12:30 pm and may stay no more than 5 hours.

1 Half Day





  2 Half Days





  3 Half Days





  4 Half Days





  5 Half Days






  • School age before school w/ transportation – $9.00 per day
  • School age after care w/ transportation – $9.00 first hour and $4.50 for each additional ½ hour per day
  • School age day off of school $44, early dismissal days $31

1. Tuition is established based on a child’s room placement.

2. Weekly invoices will be emailed. Tuition is non-refundable and will be automatically withdrawn within the week that services are given.

3.  Tuition is not charged for the six holidays GPC is closed.  Families are charged for all other days their infant through 4K child(ren) is scheduled, unless a Vacation Day is used. (Each child enrolled 5 days a week receives 5 Vacation Days to use from the beginning of the school year to the end of summer (dates defined by the beginning of the District school year end the of  the District summer vacation). The number of Vacation Days is prorated based on each child’s part time schedule. (Vacation days are only to be used for days your child is not in attendance. Vacation days are NOT needed for days Grafton Preschool and Childcare is closed).  Vacation Days may not be used toward a notice to decrease a schedule.

4. On days the public school is not in session parents will not be charged for before and after school care for grades 5K and up IF a school-age-day-off-form or classroom posting is filled out and submitted 10 days prior to the day off of school.  This will simply affirm or decline ½ or full day care for the day off of school. Because we do not charge for days the district is closed we do not issue before and after school vacation days.

5. Children in our School Age Summer 4 Fun Program will be given one week of vacation time to use throughout the summer.   ALL other weeks must be paid for or vacation time will be revoked and any already used will be rebilled.

6. Additional days beyond your set weekly schedule will be billed at your current daily rate (ex: If you attend three days a week take your weekly rate and divide by three and that is your daily rate).

a.Please complete an Attendance Request Change Form and see office staff member to check for availability in adding your child to our schedule.

b. Additionally scheduled days are not refundable, unless cancelled at least 10 days prior. No discounts are given for any add on/drop in care.

7. If you have more than one child at our center you pay full tuition for your youngest child and receive a 10% discount for your other child(ren) who is enrolled a comparable amount of time. No discounts are given for any add on/ drop in care.

8. If your child attends over 10 hours you will be billed hourly for the additional time.

9.  There is a yearly registration fee of $80.00.  This is due when you first enroll and in March of each year to reserve your child’s space for the following September.

a. Families first registering in May-July will pay ½ the yearly registration fee. Families registering for August will have their registration fee  applied to the following year.

b. If you have only one child at our center and are only utilizing our before and after school care or drop-in care, your registration fee for the school year is discounted to $40.00.

        c. There is a $40.00 per school age child registration fee for our Summer 4 Fun program.

d. All registration fees are non-refundable unless we do not have space in our program.

10. When registering a child new to the center the first week of tuition is due upon confirmation of a spot, to hold that spot.  This will be applied to your first week of attendance and is nonrefundable.

11. We require a THREE week notice for any permanent decrease in your child’s schedule.  Any decrease in attendance given with less than a three week notice will be charged the differential. Vacation days may NOT be used toward a three week notice.

12.  Families may leave for the summer and have their spot back in fall, the following conditions apply:

a. Families must choose this option during our spring registration period.

b. Tuition must be paid through the last week the local school district is in attendance.

        c. Children must return and/ or tuition must be paid beginning the first week of the new school year, as determined by the Grafton School District Calendar.

d. If space allows, children can return early (i.e. before the end of our summer program), but will be charged our single day rate, for each day of early attendance before the new school year begins.

e. A one week deposit must be paid to hold any child’s spot over the summer. This money will apply to the first full week of the new school year and will not be refundable should a family choose not to return. Our three week notice policy still applies.

13. A late pickup charge of $1.00 for every minute your child is in our care past 6:00 PM.

14. There is a $35.00 NSF charge for any checking account reversals due to funds not being available.

15. Each week (after more than two occasions) your account shows a past due balance a $15 late fee will be assessed.

16. Families with accounts over 21 days past due may no longer send their child(ren) until payments are  made.

17. We will issue end of the year tax statements, before the end of the third full week of January, to all families in attendance.  Any families who no longer attend but would like a statement should call or email at the end of January and we will fax or email a copy (or a parent can stop in a pick up a copy at that time).

Our Hours of Operation

We are open Monday-Friday.
6:30 am - 6:00 pm
We are open year round.
Our preschool program runs September - Mid June.
We have summer "day camp" options avalible as well.