Range Line Preschool and Child Care


Our Approach to Learning

With the average life expectancy of somewhere beyond 75 years your child has a lot of learning ahead of them!

“Teaching children to love to learn” is our philosophy in a nut shell.

We employ well qualified, enthusiastic teachers and we supply our classrooms well, with developmentally appropriate learning equipment and materials.

Teachers write and post lesson plans in each classroom from our youngest toddlers to our 4K preschool classroom.


We use a curriculum called The Creative Curriculum as a guide to establish the classroom environment, learning centers and special teaching techniques.  We do, however, take the philosophy of The Creative Curriculum “that all learning should be child directed” and add a dose of reality and balance with teacher lead large group  and some teacher lead small group time in order to properly prepare children for today’s kindergarten.

Coloring During Center Time

All of our classrooms are center based.  Center areas might include: reading area, writing/ fine motor center, art center, music area, dramatic play, blocks, math center, science/sensory table, etc…  Often learning happens by discovery. The teacher’s primary job during this time is modeling, monitoring and encouraging.

Our curriculum for children two and up balances a combination of center based discovery and free play with small and large group learning.  While the teacher is always interacting with the children during center time, center time is primarily child directed.  Even older one year olds are ready for large group time on a very limited basis.

Children in our 3 and 4 year old preschool classes are able to have group time for longer periods than our two year old or toddler age children.  In these classrooms this is often the time when new learning topics are introduced and “old topics” are reviewed.  This is an excellent time for children to practice being good listeners and also taking turns speaking and participating. Calendar time, story time, music and movement and class discussions are just a few of the activities that may happen during group time…..

Dinosaur Themed Weeks

Theme based weekly lesson plans are posted for our 1, 2, 3 and 4 year old preschool rooms.

These plans consist of small/fine motor activities, large motor activities, letter activities, numeral identification, rote counting, counting and math activities, social values and much, much more.

Our weekly lessons are theme based and the activities are cross-curricular.



Grafton Preschool and Childcare.

Our Hours of Operation

We are open Monday-Friday.
6:30 am - 6:00 pm
We are open year round.
Our preschool program runs September - Mid June.
We have summer "day camp" options avalible as well.