In order to register we must have a registration form filled out and a $75.00 registration fee.

It is not until we have this form completed from you that you will can assure you have placement or can put you in line on our waiting list.


Once we have a completed form we will check for the availability of space in the classroom best suited for your child. If space is available we will require a $50 nonrefundable registration fee and one week’s tuition in order to ENROLL you child (i.e. reserve a spot). The $75.00 fee is nonrefundable but the first week’s tuition will be credited to your account for your first week.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to meet with our Center Director, Stacey Wirth and/or The Owner, Janet Fussell to go over any questions you may have about our wonderful program please call Janet or Stacey at 262-375-4507 for an appointment. Or feel free to stop in for a tour.

Our Hours of Operation

We are open Monday-Friday.
6:30 am - 6:00 pm
We are open year round.
Our preschool program runs September - Mid June.
We have summer "day camp" options avalible as well.